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Helping leaders and organisations fulfil their potential and perform at their peak.

MLQ Accredited Practitioner
TMS Accredited Facilitator
DiSC Accredited Facilitator
Hogans Accredited Practitioner
Saville Accredited Practitioner

Member of the Australian Psychological Society
Associate Fellow of the College of Organisational Psychologists
Member of the International Coaching Federation

Clifford Morgan

Psychologist | Consultant | Coach
BPsych (Hons), MOrgPsych, MAPS

I’m all about fulfilling potential. I truly believe that people are more brilliant than they know they are, but sometimes they need a little help to realise it. When they do however, and they adopt an empowered mindset, they begin to step into the fullness of their potential, capable of achieving more than they could ever hope or imagine.

A registered psychologist, I have a diversity of experience that allows me to adopt a unique perspective when working with clients to broaden their horizons and challenge their thinking while developing solutions to organisational challenges. With over a decade experience as a member of the Australian Defence Force, I know what it is to be extremely resilient and highly flexible, to show initiative and maintain high standards within fast-paced, dynamic environments, and have a passion for developing others to be able to do the same.

Whether it’s on the battlefield or in the boardroom, on the workshop floor or managing five stores, whether you sell used cars or you’re admitted to the lawyer’s bar, your mindset will determine your performance.

Working with leaders across various industries, I have a track record of coaching individuals and developing teams to improve performance, engage employees and fulfil organisational potential. My experience in the defence, aviation, not-for-profit and professional service industries provides a cross-pollination of ideas that allows me to work with clients and adapt best-practice solutions to specific organisational contexts.


There is something special about those men and women who have signed the dotted line, donned a uniform and served in the defence of their country. Its something special that cannot be fully understood by those who have not served. But for those of us who do understand it, who have been willing to lay down their lives for their country, their family, their mates, we know this something special comes with experiences that have shaped us in more ways that we care to realise. While these experiences have equipped us with the ability to survive and indeed succeed, they also provide a unique set of challenges once we step back onto Civvie St. As someone who has successfully negotiated that transition, I understand the challenges veterans face when operating in business and am passionate in equipping them with the skills and the mindset to empower and enable them to fulfil their potential and be successful within their industry.


To see individuals and organisations unlocking their potential and performing at their peak, through the application of psychology that challenges mindsets, influences culture and empowers people.



Integrity is at the core of everything we do. You can rely on us to always add value and trust us to keep our word.


We believe that people are more brilliant than they know they are – sometimes they just need a little help to realise it.


Our approach is not to provide short-term solutions only to see underlying issues re-emerge at a later date. We will seek to work with our clients to develop people in order to ensure growth and promote performance over the long-term.

Beyond the Normal

Exceptional leaders don’t settle for the status quo. Our aim is to help clients recognise that their potential lies beyond what is normal. By challenging and empowering mindsets we help them achieve results well beyond what is normal.

Towards a Legacy

Our aim is not to simply develop high performing leaders, but to equip leaders who develop other high performing leaders who do the same. In this way leadership and influence is exponentially multiplied. This is the heart of the Exponential Leader.

Enjoying the Journey

There is no point achieving our potential at work only to kill ourselves along the way. We aim to push leaders to work hard but in balance so they can enjoy the journey towards high performance leadership.

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