This is the core of unlocking potential. Every individual is different, each person’s potential is unique. The individual coaching process allows the psychologist to work with individual’s to clarify what they want to achieve and identify challenges, mindsets and


A house divided against itself cannot stand. The purpose of full organisational development consulting is to ensure all elements within the business are working together to achieve the corporate goals of the organisation. It is working with leaders to bring clarity to what they want to achieve and ensure it aligns with the vision


Some of the greatest indicators of an effective team are the levels of communication, cohesion and alignment of strengths and preferences in the workplace. Underlying these effective teams is a level or rapport and trust between the members. How can we develop such trust? One of the best ways to do so is providing shared experiences with common language to discuss preferences,


An organisation will never reach its full potential unless its teams and their members are performing at theirs. In today’s dynamic marketplace, filled with highly skilled individuals, the level at which corporate teams operate often determines the performance of the organisation and provides the competitive edge businesses seek.


Each individual is unique, as are their personalities and strengths. Awareness of these traits, strengths and areas of development is vital in order to facilitate growth and unlock potential at the individual level. At the corporate level, knowledge of these characteristics can be important when developing team composition and cohesion